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As part of the 2021 Guild of Music Supervisors Awards, ​the guild has announced a call-to-entry for testimonials from Music Supervisors, and the co-workers that love them: Directors, Producers, Creatives, Musicians, Executives and Talent! These short video pieces will be included in the promotion of the 11th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards as well as select inclusions in the awards show itself. This video series is a play on the popular “A DJ Saved My Life” theme.

The guild is seeking ​short (1 minute or less) v​ideo testimonials that you can record directly onto your phone about a time that you had a great experience working with a Music Supervisor! The guild will use these testimonials to continue advancing industry awareness about the important work of these talented professionals.

The instructions for your cameo are simple!

Read here or click below to download and share as a .pdf file.

GMS Testimonial Video Instructions .pdf

  1. Using your smartphone, please submit your brief story (Remember: It’s ​ONE MINUTE​ or less!) about a time that a Music Supervisor “Saved Your Life.” Do your best, but don’t feel you have to be perfect throughout.

  2. The preferred video setting on your phone is ​1080 at 30 fps​. This is already the default setting on most phones but please double check before shooting.

  3. IMPORTANT​ Please ​DO NOT USE MUSIC IN YOUR VIDEO​. We do not want to require Music Supervisors to have the need to clear those songs - nobody wants to work on their days off! :)

  4. Please be sure to ​shoot in landscape​, and not portrait.

  5. If possible, please use a ring light or sufficient natural light and shoot your performance against a plain wall or background. Please be sure your face is the best-lit thing in your shot.

  6. Your face should appear in the center of the frame from just below the shoulders and up. ​(This screenshot is an example.)

  7. Be sure to perform looking into your camera lens on the top end of your phone, as opposed to  watching yourself on your screen.

  8. Have fun with it and feel free to smile, laugh, use hand gestures, and be yourself!

  9. The clips from all our cameo artists will be edited into the final video.

 10. Upload your completed clip to This is free and no account is needed. Just visit the website and follow the prompts to upload. When asked on the website, please use ​Angela Sheik’s email address​:​. Once you have successfully transferred your video, you will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer. Please forward that email to Angela at the same email address.

 11. DISCLAIMER​ By submitting a video, you acknowledge that the Guild of Music Supervisors has the rights to use this footage as part of the annual awards show, the Guild website or the Guild conference.


Once again, thank you so much for being part of this celebration of the 11th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards!

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